Community Service


1. Three main roles:

a.     To initiate, organize and deliver projects of value to the communities of Maleny, Montville and Flaxton.

b.     To organize fund raising in association with Club members e g the Maleny Show, Christmas Carnival etc.

c.     To seek to understand the needs of communities in the area and respond within our capability, where appropriate.

Additionally, at the President’s request, Committee members would feed through the Director to the Board their views and ideas about the Club and their responses to Board recommendations.

2. The Committee works as follows:

a.     Delegate tasks/projects to members of the Committee and involve other Club members on a volunteer basis giving everyone the opportunity to contribute within personal time constraints.

b.     Seek to collaborate with other local Service Clubs on suitable projects to maximize synergy and reduce competition for fund raising.

c.    Focus on determining what contribution the Club could make to (a) the Precinct, which was identified as the top priority for Community Service in the Club’s visioning process; (b) aged care (2nd priority) and (c) Schools (3rd Priority) in support of New Generations Committee which has the primary responsibility for youth.

d.     Take discreet soundings to try and understand the priority needs of the communities of Maleny, Montville and Flaxton.

A Notable Project an Example of What the Club Achieves

The most significant project undertaken by the Rotary Club of Maleny was the development of Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve which involved the input of thousands of hours over many years of both Rotarians and their partners. This prized community asset will continue to be supported by The Rotary Club of Maleny for the foreseeable future.